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  Mission Statement  

MCPSS Mission Statement  


The mission of the Mobile County Public School System is to graduate citizens who are literate, responsible and committed to learning over a lifetime. 


EVA Mission Statement


Envision Virtual Academy’s mission is to maximize academic achievement for students in grades 9-12 and provide an alternative to the traditional classroom setting. The Envision Virtual Academy will reach students by using 21st Century technological resources to educate and prepare students for a technological and global society. 


MCPSS Vision Statement 


We envision a Mobile County Public School System where a variety of pathways to academic and career success are available for all students; where adults consistently work in a collaborative school culture to improve student learning; where all educators willingly accept responsibility for the academic success of each student; and where all students become independent life-long learners confident in their ability to succeed in a global society following high school graduation. 


EVA Vision Statement 


Envision Virtual Academy strives to empower learners by providing an alternative pathway to a high-quality education that will develop students into life-long learners and prepare them for a technological world. 


EVA Purpose Statement


Envision Virtual Academy’s desire is to educate and inspire academically-talented, motivated students through intensive, interactive online instruction. The Envision experience prepares student to be college and career ready in order to contribute significantly and responsibly to our global society. 


  About The School  

Envision Virtual Academy

Envision is a unique pathway to graduation, serving students who are self-directed, responsible, and independent learners.  Students who enroll in Envision have placed a priority on academics and mostly prefer work independently without social interaction with peers.  This is a pathway for average to above average students who prefer to have more control over their learning environment and schedule.  The Envision curriculum will allow students to accelerate their academic progress.   Envision courses offer virtual teacher support that students can access as needed.  Envision will report all academic progress just as other schools do. 


Students must have daily computer and internet access to apply for the school.  An adult, typically a student's parent or guardian, must agree to serve as a Learning Coach to support the students learning and monitor the student's progress. 



Students must stay on a prescribed pacing guide that is determined by EVA. All daily activities, lessons, and quizzes will be completed from the student’s personal computer with internet access within the learning management system. Students will be required to come on campus at least once a week to take chapter tests in each course. Moreover, students will be required to take state-mandated tests during the spring.


Attendance is calculated based on active participation in the learning management system. Selected students must complete a minimum of 30 hours of work per week. 

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