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Honors Assignments

This is the last week students can turn in the assignments for full credit

Tue Dec 03 04:00 PM

End of Semester

Students are you ready? The countdown has begun for the end of the 1st Semester

Mon Dec 02 11:30 AM

Congratulations Kamry!

EVA Student on Home School's Student Council

Wed Nov 13 03:00 PM

Advances To State Competition

EVA student Raine VanKirk brings home two ribbons for outstanding performances

Wed Nov 06 02:30 PM

ACT Bootcamp

An ACT Bootcamp scheduled.

Fri Nov 01 12:41 PM

Parent Role in Online Learning
You play a pivotal role in the educational success of your child's online learning experience. Students who are effective online learners can become effective lifelong learners. Parents who are thinking of letting their child apply can go to Parent Orientation to learn more. EVA offers these Helpful Tips,  too. 

Office 365 Download 

Mobile County Public Schools offers free downloads of Microsoft Office 365 to students and their parents. Simply click the link below and it will take you to the sign in page. Use your school email address (including and password. Follow the directions located in the upper right corner. 
Office 365
Applications Now Being Accepted

Beginning November 1, 2019, students in grades 9th through 11th grade may apply. Students and parents are encouraged to read and discuss the minimum qualifications to ensure EVA is a good fit for the family and the student's learning style. To learn more about the admission requirements, click here

Thinking About An Online Education? 

Envision is a unique pathway to graduation, serving students who are self-directed, responsible, and independent learners. Students who enroll in Envision have placed a priority on academics and mostly prefer to work independently without social interaction with peers. This is a pathway for average to above average students who prefer to have more control over their learning environment and schedule. The Envision curriculum will allow students to accelerate their academic progress. Envision courses offer virtual teacher support that students can access as needed. Envision will report all academic progress just as other schools do. To see if EVA is right for you, click "Do You Have What It Takes for Online Learning."