Admission Procedures

The parent/guardian will complete the online application and submit it to MCPSS Academy of Virtual Learning.

MAVL will obtain a copy of the student’s cumulative records.  If a student is coming from a school that is not in the MCPSS district, a copy of the attendance, discipline, and transcript records will need to be sent to If a student is coming from a non-accredited school or program, the student’s coursework must be validated through Curriculum and Instruction testing.

Parents and students will be invited to attend required MAVL orientation. **In specific cases an interview will be conducted before the orientation.

After the orientation, the student and parent/guardian will determine if the MAVL is a good fit for the student. The parent/guardian and the student will complete the registration process.

The Registrar initiates the enrollment process. The School Counselor/MAVL Facilitator will meet with the parent and student to create an individualized educational plan.

Once the student is placed in the chosen courses, the student will have access to the coursework on the first day of school.

All new students accepted to the program will report to the MAVL Curriculum lab a minimum of 2 days a week for the first 3 weeks the student is enrolled.