Student Expectations
  • Have access to a desktop or laptop computer (no tablets).
  • Log into ACCESS or Connexus courses daily in accordance with the MCPSS school calendar.
  • Have consistent internet access at home or alternate location. Internet outage will not be accepted as an excuse for not completing classwork.
  • Stay on pace with courses according to the set pacing schedule or move faster than the pace. Students will need to complete a minimum of 4 assignments per day.
  • Take good quality notes on each lesson and go through lessons in order.
  • Take all tests and exams at the Envision Curriculum Lab.
  • Attend student's zoned school for state-mandated test.
  • Have reliable transportation to the testing site weekly on designated lab days or mandatory Envision events
  • Check email daily and respond to email and/or text from Envision staff.
  • Wear Envision uniform when reporting to the Curriculum lab.
  • Have necessary school supplies(binder, paper, writing utensils, calculator, etc.)
  • Follow Envision testing room center rules and procedures.
  • Do not cheat or plagiarize.
  • Ask for help if needed.
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